Aspergers Syndrome Counselling London

I have a high level of expertise with Aspergers Counselling London and can often spot it in both individual clients and with my couple clients where it has not yet been professionally diagnosed. I call this Silent Aspergers.

I will not offer a diagnosis, however I can help you to make sense of why perhaps you don't feel like you quite fit in, or why your actions/words are often misunderstood;  why you find it difficult to commit to a relationship because you are so ruled by your head that you can't hear your heart; why you don't understand the effect your behaviour is having on your partner. 

I can help you to identify your Aspergic tendencies so that you can start to understand how they effect the lives of others around you and how you might accept yourself more fully so that you can learn to adapt better to your loved ones.

I also offer an explanation to couples struggling with certain frustrating aspects of their relationships where the understanding is missing and where each partner sits in their 'right' position, placing the other firmly in the 'wrong'. We find solutions together.

If you live your life looking through a logical filter and find it hard to express your feelings you may be on the Aspergers spectrum. If you find you have really good parts to your relationship, followed by frustratingly impossible parts and can't work out why, then couples counselling sessions with me could be the key to a happier future together.

Apart from my work with individuals, I also work with couples who struggle with their relationships. This can be due to undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome which can often be the cause of ongoing disagreements, misunderstanding and consequent unhappiness. My expert knowledge in the issues particular to a mixed-brain relationship (AS/NT), offers couples a real chance for change.