Couple Counselling Central London

I am passionate about working with couples to help save and improve their relationships. I will help you to breathe new life into your stale marriage, and help you to make sense of distructive patterns of behaviour. Working with me will offer you a real chance for change.

Relationship Counselling Central London

I have a high level of success with couples who believe they are at the end of their relationship.  They come to see me with no real hope of a future together and have sometimes already consulted a solicitor to find out their rights.  They attend counselling as a tick-box exercise so that they can say they tried hard to save the relationship. These couples are often amazed at the positive changes brought about by working with me and many a marriage has been saved by my interventions. I do not work to a format as each individual within the couple has a different life story and therefore each couple is unique.  I have been told I have a gift for picking up on the most important parts of the relationship to focus on in order to bring about transformative change.  

It is often assumed that once you have fallen out of love it cannot be reignited, however it is possible to fall back in love with your partner even when you think the damage is too great.  For example, it is often possible to work through and beyond an affair - to truly refind in each other what you were first attracted to and to gradually find forgiveness and rebuild trust. Based on many years of experience working with numerous couples I am confident that I will bring you a renewed perspective on your relationship.

I work sensitively around sexual matters which can be discussed without embarrassment with me.  I have an extensive understanding of the part that sexual connection plays in the couple relationship and would be keen to help you both find ways for that to be a vital part of you being together.  General warmth and physical intimacy is pivotal to how close you feel as a couple. I am also keenly aware of the need to nurture and protect your children and I will help you to juggle your needs and desires as individuals with those of being responsible caring parents. 

I work with couples who are struggling with their relationship or who have specific issues they want to resolve between them. Working with me will facilitate easier communication between you. Together, we will talk through the subjects that have become too difficult for you to tackle on your own.  Tricky conversations which have ended in arguement and disharmony can finally be talked through thoroughly and honestly. This could be your chance for real improvement in your relationship.

Some of the reasons to come to couples therapy might be that you - 
  • are not happy together
  • difficult to communicate 
  • are staying together for the sake of the children
  • experience infidelity
  • argue with frequency
  • are living separate lives
  • are dissatisfied with your sex life
  • have issues with your in-laws
  • love each other but are no longer in love
Couples counselling can be a valuable way of exploring these issues to find a way through to a better relationship.

As a qualified, experienced couples counsellor, I can help you to break the cycle of anger and resentment whilst increasing your understanding of each other.  This new understanding can lead you to a more harmonious and loving relationship with improved communication and a joint vision for the future - equally it can help pave the way to a more amicable ending if that is what you  eventually choose.

Sometimes the struggle I see in my couples can be due to undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome which often causes ongoing disagreements, misunderstanding and consequent unhappiness. My expert knowledge in the issues particular to a mixed-brain relationship (AS/NT), offers couples a real chance for change. (Refer to my page on Aspergers)

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Daytime and Evening appointments available.

Freddi Manson providing confidential  Relationship Counselling Central London.